Accessories for home decor: details that enrich the atmosphere

To complete interior design projects, Selva offers a wide range of accessories for home decor, such as rugs, lamps and chandeliers, curtains, bed sheets and duvet cover, tables, paintings, vases, ornaments and design sculptures.

The accessories for home decor are perfect to complete interior decoration projects, giving more character to the environment. They find a large space in the showrooms of Lugano, Ticino, and Carlazzo, on Lake Como.

Selva also offers a personalised consulting service for the development of the lighting project.

Selva proposes accessories for home decor of the most famous brands of Italian and international design: Kartell‘s colorful accessories, Kasthall‘s custom-made carpets, and the wonderful Mogg products. Thanks to these brands, each project acquires an unique feature.

Selva also uses the collaboration of numerous craftsmen, such as upholsterers, painters and decorators. Their mastery allows interior designers to create exclusive places in which furniture, accessories for home decor and handicrafts combine to create a unique and inimitable atmosphere.

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