Innovative doors and windows, made to save energy

In the Selva showrooms of doors and windows in Como, on Lake Como and in Lugano, Switzerland, there are also technical areas with doors, armoured doors, PVC windows and window frames.

Selva was born as a craftsman carpentry: doors and windows are among the company’s first products. Thanks to partnerships with international brands, Selva offers a wide selection of frames in PVC, wood-aluminium and aluminium; many models of interior and exterior wooden doors and laminates; various versions of entrance doors and armoured doors with VKF and ISO certification.

All products guarantee optimum thermal and acoustic insulation; you can see them in the Selva shops of doors and windows in Como, on Lake Como and in Lugano, Switzerland.

Selva, thanks to international brands that produce the highest quality products, can offer a wide choice of interior doors, armoured doors with VKF certification and windows in Como and in Lugano.

For interior doors, Selva has chosen brands such as Pivato, Ferrero Legno, Movi and L’Invisibile that produce satin doors, recessed doors, wooden doors and laminated doors with different types of finishes and frames, to be defined according to the customer needs. In particular, Pivato produces internal doors in solid and laminated wood created with care and using only lumber of Val di Fiemme, marked FSC. Movi, a company from Brianza, offers sliding glass and aluminium sliding doors that are perfect as dividers between two places, both residential and commercial.

Dierre offers armoured doors with VKF certification: this allows them to be used in all Swiss and European residential and commercial projects.

As far as PVC windows are concerned, Selva relies on Oknoplast, a Polish company that produces PVC windows designed to guarantee maximum performance both in terms of energy saving and aesthetic. Wooden and aluminium frames are manufactured internally.

Selva also proposes the collection of Olivari handles, famous all over the world for being designed by famous designers, such as Gio Ponti.

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