Furniture, furnishing, windows and floors: everything you need for your home!

The Selva company, thanks to its three showrooms of windows, doors and furniture in Como, on Lake Como, and in Lugano, offers the opportunity to see furnishings of the best international brands: kitchens, bedrooms, outdoor furniture, parquets and panelling… everything you need for your home!
Also, for business spaces such as hotels, gyms, restaurants, shops and offices, Selva offers a wide choice of furniture, accessories and furniture in Como and in Lugano to personalise every room.

In addition, Selva offers a custom interior design service: a team of interior designers will help you to project the furnishing and the home decor of your house or commercial space.

All the products at Selva, from custom made furniture, made by the carpentry, to the windows, are selected among the best brands in order to satisfy the high expectations of customers. The purchasing department is always looking for new design brands and new collaboration in order to give to the design department the possibility to develop outstanding interior design project.

The purchasing department selects furniture by considering four main principles: the aesthetics, the history and the credibility of the brand, the quality of the materials the brand uses and the environmental attitude of the brand.
Windows and doors brands are chosen only if they provide international certifications that guarantee their quality: the reinforced doors, for instance, must have the VKF certification, a Swiss certification that guarantees that a door can resist to fire and water.
Thanks to the carpentry, Selva also offers a wide range of products made and designed inside the company: accessories for bars, restaurants and cafes; custom-made furniture; Christmas and Easter decorations; accessories made with laser engraving and so on.

The attention towards the furniture that will eventually be in the house of the final costumer is a part of the craftsman philosophy of Selva: our greatest satisfaction is the customers emotion when they finally see their home completed in the way they had always dreamed of!

Are you curious to see how we work? check our latest interior design projects!

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