Our Carpentry, our pride

The service offered by the carpentry in Como, on Lake Como and in Lugano, Switzerland is the flagship of the company: it maintains a homemade heart, while using a technology of an international group.

Thanks to modern machinery, the Selva carpentry is able to make any furnishing or custom-made furniture: wardrobes, wainscoting, tables, chairs, accessories and so on, the only limit is creativity!

When in 1985 Stefano and Michele opened their carpentry in Como, on Lake Como, they realised that the world would always be in evolution, so they equipped their carpentry with a numerically controlled machine and a cutting and engraving laser machine.
Thanks to these two machines, it is possible to work any type of material and make any kind of custom-made furniture or design furnishing.

Laser cutting and engraving

The laser cutting and engraving service is available in Como and Lugano.
The Selva carpentry has a cutting and engraving laser machine that works on any kind of material: wood, glass, Plexiglas, fabric, leather and so on, this can create decorations on any furnishings.

Thanks to this machine it is possible to create illuminated signs; custom accessories for bars, restaurants and events; custom-made products and prototypes.
In the Selva carpentry in Como it is also possible to decorate furniture with inlays, engravings, patterns and fantasies completely customised for home decor projects.
It is possible to see the furniture created with the laser machine at the Selva showroom in Como and in Lugano.

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