Furniture and furnishing that last through the years

Selva offers a wide choice of furniture in Lugano, Switzerland and in Carlazzo, on  Lake Como: modern design furniture, such as sofas, beds, armchairs, tables, chairs, lamps, desks and rugs of the best international and Italian brands. The indoor sector has an ample space in the Selva showrooms of furniture in Lugano, Ticino, and Carlazzo, on Lake Como.

These include custom-made furniture made by the Selva carpentry, that can be further customised thanks to the cutting and engraving laser machine.

Thanks to the custom interior design service, Selva is able to create a complete home furnishing design, which includes not only the supply of furniture but also the workmanship of craftsmen, such as tiling, upholstery, gardeners and so on.

At Selva you can find furniture suitable for all home styles: modern, minimalist, customised and elegant. Famous brands of international and Italian design have an ample space in the  Selva showrooms of furniture in Lugano, Ticino and Carlazzo on Lake Como.

Brands such as Molteni & C., Poliform, De Padova, Flexform and Flou represent the tradition of carpenters of Brianza the Italian area near Milan where all the best designers come from: exceptional quality furniture, with unique and timeless lines that make any house classy and elegant. Wardrobes perfectly finished in fine materials; padded beds and with precious fabric containers; leather sofas created by the most famous international designers, these are just some of the marvellous furnishings created by these great brands.

For those who prefer modern, colourful and sparkling furnishings, Lago is the ideal solution: thanks to unique pieces like the Wildwood table, this Venetian company has made its way into the world of furniture, becoming one of the major brands chosen by home decor designers around the world.

To complete interior design projects, Selva also offers a wide range of home decor accessories, such as furniture accessories, Tempur orthopaedic mattresses, lamps and carpets.

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